Chase Edwards Contemporary Fine Art is pleased to announce an exhibition of artist Guy Stanley Philoche’s newest series of paintings “Come Fly With Me”. The Haitian American Artist subtly interrogates themes of nostalgia, innocence, the American dream, and the quest for the almighty dollar in paintings that are playfully irreverent even in their aesthetic beauty.

In “Come Fly With Me,” Philoche’s newest series, the artist’s lush surfaces were inspired by the buildup of city walls, thick with traces of wheat pasted posters, advertisements, tagging and graffiti. Paper airplanes made from collaged reproductions of dollars and euros come zipping through the frames, leaving their swirling trails behind them in great looping gestures. From the glib use of $100 bills for some of the airplanes, to smaller denominations folded into the form of butterflies that momentarily alight on round canvases, Philoche’s folded bills draw attention to currency’s status as an abstract sign, with no inherent material value once detached from its system of circulation. “Come Fly With Me” will run from May 26 to June 26.