Chase Edwards Contemporary is proud to present “This Is John Stango” an exhibition featuring the work of John Stango.

With a world-wide following drawn to his distinctive American Muscle Car style, John carries the pop art movement into the 21st Century. His work is powerful. John builds upon the 1950’s tradition, infusing it with a new vibrant, colorful, testosterone-fueled approach. Musicians, art collectors, politicians, actors, and professional athletes alike prize his work, which can be found in stadiums, corporate offices, and galleries across the country. John is America’s artist.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, artistic talent has always pumped through John’s veins. Frances Elaine Rockwell, John’s mother, was an extremely talented painter who transferred her gifts onto her son. Her family’s artistic heritage, in fact, traces back to famed American artist Norman Rockwell—mother and son have carried on the family tradition. Stango draws artistic inspiration from retro advertising, pop icons, B-movies, mid-century modernism, magazines, noir films, vintage signage and all things pop-culture. Forming a unique combination of silk-screening and hand painting, John creates paintings that are at once nostalgic and modern. Intense brush strokes, explosions of color, aggressive textures, and juxtaposed images yield distinctive and recognizable canvasses. His subjects—sexy bombshell women, designer logos, sports heroes, Superheroes, stewardesses, Americana images—compete with and complement one another, yielding exceptional artistic compositions. Batman and Elvis, Audrey Hepburn and Lucky Strike, Mickey Mouse and Heineken all find themselves reborn in John’s paintings.

Opening reception is June 27th, from 6 - 9 pm.